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This is Granny's blood kin except for a few cousins who were not on the Cruise.

From left:

Top:  brother Michael, brother Albert, daughter Lydia, daughter Dina, niece Alise, nephew Rocky

Center:  grand daughter Rachael, niece Debby, mother Eileen, Me, daughter Dolores

Bottom:  grand nephew Daniel, grandson Nathan, grand daughter Cana, grand son Judah, grand nephew Thomas

Christmas 1966

Dad Albert Vogler, Jr., Sheila Vogler, Debbie Vogler, Michael Vogler, Me - Valerie Vogler Gameros, Dolores Gameros, Albert Vogler, III, Rita Vogler, Lydia Gameros

MOM September 1945

Eileen Margaret George Vogler

April 17, 1912-October 7, 2004

This is my Mom.  She was 33 years old here.  Wasn't she beautiful?

Uncles Alvin & Russell George


Granny's Wisdom

Bigotry, of any kind, is ignorant and non productive.

A friend is a friend no matter what their color, religion, sex, sexual preference or social standing.  These elements have nothing to do with anything and do not decide whether you are a good person or not.  Only your deeds decide what kind of person you are.

If you run around with a bigoted attitude, you miss out on some wonderful friends.  Fortunately, I have all the friends the bigots have missed and they are truly wonderful.

I know and love people from all over the world.  I try to learn the good from all cultures and faiths and apply it to my life.


The Uni-bomber and the Oklahoma Federal Building bomber were neither Arab nor Muslim.  They were Americans and, probably Christians.  Think about it.